January 3rd – Episode 1 Outline

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1.) Key Things to Remember During Orion Welder Setup:

  • Power Connection- Through a Surge Protection system.
  • Argon Tank Sizes – Why would I want One over the other – Click Here to Learn More About Argon Gas
  • Regulator Setup and Operation – Click Here to see The Argon Regulator Explained
  • Hand Piece Setup & Function
  • Focusing the Microscope. – Getting the Right Hand Piece Angle.
  • How to Properly Sharpen the Electrode.
  • Grounding Clip Options.
  • Triggering a Weld
  • Basic Screen Walk-Through – How to find settings.
  • Reset Button

2.) Make a Basic Weld:

  • Connecting two Screws
  • Maintain a 90 Degree angle of the workpiece to the electrode.
  • Varying the electrode angle varies metal movement.