The past month for Orion Welders has been full of trade shows, workshops, trainings, and a heck of a lot of buzz about pulse arc welding! Thanks to one of our recent workshops, we received some props from a jeweler that has been using a laser welder for the past 10 years. His post can be found on the Ganoksin site at this link 

OrionCascade_i2_470x400Orion LZR

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from it.

” This weekend at Stuller’s Bench Jewelers gathering I had my first opportunity to sit down and use a pulse arc welder, the Orion 150s.”

“I do not set myself up as any authority, but I figure I have enough experience to be able to make a fairly decent comparison.”

“I feel that in a very short time I could do nearly every repair that I do now on the laser, with that pulse arc.”

“I even watched Blain Lewis weld a silver shank, and then beat It mercilessly on a mandrel without it cracking.”

“The pulse arc welders have come a very long way since I first researched the PUK welders a long time ago, and I can honestly now see a shop or store going this route, instead of the far more costly laser, and simply sending the occasional job it doesn’t do on to someone with access to the laser.”

“I am NOT giving up my laser though, to jump to pulse arc. If on the other hand we reach the point where we can expand the shop and add a second machine, it will probably be a pulse arc machine.”


We love it when this happens. So if you’re still wondering what an Orion Welder is like, let us know so that we can get you to a trade show, workshop, or training. The time is now for you to discover the possibilities.


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