Are You Working from Home? We Can Help You Find the Right Welder!

If you’ve been sent home to work, or your favorite trade show has been canceled, we can help you find the right welder to resolve your production challenges. Although most of our team is safe and working remotely, the company has been able to isolate our welding lab and lab manager. As the only person in the lab, he’s practicing responsible social distancing. But he’s also helping people like you by using a webcam to live stream how our welders solve everyday production challenges.
Using the resources of our welding lab, we can replicate nearly any welding challenge. With your computer or smartphone, you’ll be able to watch a live stream of our lab manager showing you how our welders work and the results they deliver. Or send us samples and we’ll use them in the demo!
To schedule your live welding demo, just complete the form below. Once we receive your demo request we’ll give you a call to find a date and time that works best.
Or, for faster service, just give us a call: 801-658-0015!
Don’t let COVID-19 stall production or leave welding challenges unresolved! We’re ready and able to help you find the right welding solution and ship to your door today.
COVID-19 may be keeping us apart, but with a Sunstone welder you can still put stuff together!