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Thermocouple Welding with the Orion mPulse 30 – Part 1

The new Orion mPulse 30 is small, easy to use, and best of all … affordable. This welder has everything you need at a price that you will love. Thermocouple welding is a huge industry and the mPulse 30 is going to make this industry a lot brighter. This video is part 1 in a […]

Customer Spotlight: Made by Meg

The first in a series of customer focused videos. Sea glass jewelry artist and authority, Meg Carter, is known throughout the world for her designs and contributions within her industry. Based in South Carolina, Meg shares the story behind her interests, her work, and the leaps of faith she took that have built a thriving […]

Pulse Arc Welding vs. Laser Welding Testimonial

The past month for Orion Welders has been full of trade shows, workshops, trainings, and a heck of a lot of buzz about pulse arc welding! Thanks to one of our recent workshops, we received some props from a jeweler that has been using a laser welder for the past 10 years. His post can be […]

Pulse Arc Welding Buzz

The buzz about pulse arc welding and Orion Welders continues to grow. If you haven’t seen some of these different articles you should check them out (the links are below). We are super grateful for all our distributors and everyone that helps promote Orion Welders and pulse arc welding! The Studio – Rio’s Blog Metal […]