Mid-range welder with more power—get ready to work!


This ideal jewelry welder, the Orion 150s, boasts a power potential of up to 150 joules of pulse-arc weld energy. While powerful, the 150s is perfect for low power needs as well—yielding as little as 2 joules of energy. Even with such a large range in power, full control is maintained as the 150s is adjustable in 0.2 joule increments. The 150s has two weld modes: Pulse Arc Mode and Tack Mode. Whether an application requires high power welding needs or intricate, precise welds around precious components, the Orion 150s offers a versatile, compact, and affordable jewelry welder system in an easy-to-use package.


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Display (Touch Screen): 7” Full
Languages: 20+
Welder (L x W x H): 11.75″ x 8″ x 8″ (29.8 x 20.3 x 20.3cm)
Weld Programs: 15
Save Settings Spaces: 10
CE Certificate: Yes
USB Upgradable Software: Yes
Energy (min-max in Joules): 1 – 150
Current (min-max in Amps): 6 – 900A
Power Settings: 280
Length (min-max): 1 – 60ms
Length Settings: 200
Weld Spot Diameter Range: ≈ 0.5 – 3.5mm
High Frequency Agitation: Multiple
Pulse Shaping: Basic
Max Welding Speed (Hz): 2Hz
Max Charging Time: 1.2s
Single Fire Mode: 1 weld/0.5 seconds
Rapid Fire Mode: N/A
Seam Mode: N/A
Pico Mode: N/A
Ultra Mode: N/A
Adaptive Weld Ignition: N/A
Arc Start Technology: Yes
Internal Weld Monitoring: Yes
Energy (min-max in Joules): 5 – 150
Peak Current (min-max in Amps): 4,000A
Power Settings: 150
Length (min-max): 5 – 60ms
Length Settings: 100
Magnification: 5x
Vertical Stylus Working Space: ~110 mm
Automatic Eye Protection: Shutter
UV Protection: Full
IR Protection: Full

150s user manual

150s quick start

150s data sheet – Jewelry